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Coker to offer revolutionary “old School” radial tires in 20 sizes

Coker offers radial tires in 20 sizes


Everyone thought that the non-appearance of several large tire makers at the 2009 SEMA Show would be the big news, but Coker Tire Co. stole the show with a startling new product announcement. “As you know, until now, there has not been a radial whitewall tire with an authentic look for antique and Classic cars and old-school hot rods,” said company president Corkey Coker. “Now, there is one!”

Coker explained that his new line of Excelsior Tires will be the first to combine modern-day radial construction with the classic appearance that old-car hobbyists demand. And he said that the new tires will come in a variety of sizes to fit everything from ’32 Fords to Duesenbergs.

Known as the Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial, this type of tire is being made to replace the old bias-ply tires still found on many vintage cars. “So now, hobbyists will be able to enjoy their driving experiences even more,” said Coker. “This steel-belted radial is targeted toward restored vehicles built before World War II, but the wide range of sizes makes it suitable for a long list of applications.”

Coker revealed that 20 sizes will initially be available with wheel-diameters ranging from 16 to 21 in. “So these tires are versatile, to say the least,” he told Old Cars Weekly. “And while they were designed for restored original cars, the new Stahl Sport Radials will be perfect for a traditional hot rod on which the owner wants the looks of a bias-ply tire combined with the performance of a radial tire.”

Designed for all-season use, each Stahl Sport Radial tire features a specific speed and load rating. The tires made for 16-in. wheels feature an “H” speed rating of 130 mph, while the 17-in. and larger tires feature an “S” rating of 112 mph. Coker said that, compared to a a car using a bias-ply tire of similar size, handling and ride quality will be greatly improved without losing the classic look.

Made in the USA, the Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial is DOT-approved, as well as ECE-approved. “They are legal and ready for the highway anywhere you live,” Coker pointed out.

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