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Ohio Technical College (www.ohiotechnicalcollege) in Cleveland offers a Custom Paint & Graphics Program that is a must for anyone looking for a future in hot rod building. According to Jordan Brenner, OTC’s Admissions and Marketing Director, one student who enrolled at OTC about three years ago went there just to learn how to do flames. He went on to open a successful flame painting shop in Indiana. Painting flames is taught as part of the college’s Air Brush Special Effects Techniques course. “Fay Pivoda is our flame specialist,” says instructor Rick Heller. “He has 35 years of experience and has laid out sample boards on how to paint flames and named each part of the flame.”Lessons on how to paint flames start in the fifth week of the 300-hour 12-week program and continue through the 11th week. The students learn about the two types of flames, which are called True Fire and Stylized. Heller told me about three videos done by Wizard called Wizard’s Pinstriping Basics, Wizard’s Scrollbrush Pinstriping and Wizard’s Dagger Pinstriping. They are available from The Eastwood Company (www.eastwood.com).

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