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Do What I Say

"Do what I say - not what I do." This old adage fits my case. Every spring I use up column inches in OLD CARS WEEKLY telling folks to give their collector vehicles routine maintenance. So what did I do? I overlooked lubing up the steering rack on my MG TF. Then I drove the car 300+ miles to British Car Field Days in Susses, plus 100 miles to Fond do Lac to visit Classics Plus Ltd.

On the way home, my son and I stopped for lunch and when we got back in the car, the steering was extremely tight. After a quick stop at Gordon Skog's Auto Clininc to make sure nothing was going to fly apart, we limped the car back to Iola.

It appears to need a complete teardown and rebuild of the rack. Available parts alone are over $500. And not all the parts are available.

As you can see, routine maintenance in the spring is still a good idea. So do what I say, not what I do. And if you have a spare MG TD/TF steering rack in your garage, please get in touch with me.


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