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Don't Bother

"I won't sell it to you," is a hard thing for a collector car dealer to say, but that's exactly what Tony Averso, of South Hackensack, N.J. told a man who wanted to buy a clean, classic Cadillac and turn it into a customized car. "It's my car, it's too nice for that and if that's what you're planning to do, you can't buy this car," were Tony's sentiments.

Tony likes Cadillacs too much to let something like that happen. A few days ago, I told you about the "book end" '41 Cadillacs he was offering at Atlantic City andmisidentified his business as Toby's Classic Cars. The correct name is Torby's Memory Lane, 67 Leuning St., So. Hackensack, NJ 07606 201-981-6420. If you want to buy a near-perfect '41 Caddy convertible and treat it properly, call Tony. If you want to turn it into a hot rod -- don't bother! 

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