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Don't Make This Mistake

Short blog today. I have to leave for the Superpower Show at the Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., this weekend. The show sponsored by Undercar Digest is for professionals who do suspension, brake, exhaust and "undercar" repairs. Sometimes Old Cars Weekly advertiser Fred Kanter (Packard Industries and Kanter Auto Products) will be giving a seminar on the old car repair market and I'm anxious to hear it.

Anyway, before I leave, I wanted to drop some advice that may save you money. I heat my shop with propane. This year we had a long winter and a lot of snow. The100 inches of snow pretty much buried my propane tank and I didn't even try reading it. I just thought the propane would last the full season like it did the past two years.

Tonight was woork-on-the-car night, so I went out in the afternoon to turn on the radiant heating system. No dice! Out of fuel. So, I call for a propane delivery and guess what . . . $70 extra to do a pressure check and light the pilot light. Ouch! I just blew 70 bucks by not checking the fuel level sooner. Maybe this will inspire a few of you who live where it's still chilly to check your tanks and not make the same mistake.

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