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'Gentlemen: Start Your Engines!'


Racing has deep root in the history of the automobile. From the days of boot-leggers to the famous Brickyard 500. Americans have always had the need for speed. This same love for racing runs deep in my family and the Daytona 500 is a national holiday. It’s like Christmas without the presents. A huge meal, all the family, and of course Dad’s 20 questionnaire with prizes.

You may think this is odd, but I’ve grown up with racing all my life. Friday, Saturday, Sunday every weekend, all my life, and Husets Speedway was the Mecca of the Dakotas.

We met the drivers, ran around the track and believe it or not, we would pick up the tear-off and take them home, clean them and put elastic on them from Mom’s sewing basket. We'd proudly where them and race our bikes around the farm, feeling just like real racers.

Oh yeah, we had a track around the pump house, complete with banks. We had championships, intermission, tickets, programs and the whole deal. We decorated our bikes and my brother had a dash off a 1974 Ford F100 taped to his handle bars. Mom even made us a full set of racing flags. We would come off the track down the sidewalk and come through the arch and ring the bell.

As we got older, that need for speed stayed for me. When I was 18, Dad entered me in Enduro Races at area tracks. I was the only lady and we raced old cop cars – Plymouths. I had five Happy Heifer racers. I raced Enduros for three years. It was awesome.

I even was the first woman to place in the top 10 and finish! 200 laps or 2 ½ hours of awesomeness. That was until my Gramma Johnson threatened to burn the wedding dress she was sewing.

That need for speed and love of the cars is still there. I have some collector cars and sell all those fabulous old cars. Send an e-mail or come on out to our auctions, and let’s talk about cars and speed. The need for speed is just something that you just never outgrow.

Yvette VanDerBrink – Auctioneer
The Lil’ Nordstrom’s Gal
VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC

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