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Get Your Kicks on Route 66

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While attending the Chevy Vettefest in Chicago in mid-November, was was surprised by an obvious resurgance of interest in Route 66 memorabilia. I realize that historic Route 66 was a big hobby sideline about a decade ago, but I was under the impression things had gone the "been there, done that" route and that interest had died down. I guess I was wrong.

Along with fascination about the highway, there is ever-growing interest in the old "Route 66" television show of the early 1960s. While it seems like that program ran for eons, a check of the Internet reveals that Buzz and Todd only cruised Route 66 in their Corvette for a relatively short time. However, their image of carefree personal freedom left an impression that lasted far longer than their acting contracts.

Over the years I have traveled portions of the famed highway fom
Chicago to L.A. in modern cars, as well as in other folks' old cars
(while on the Great Race). However, I haven't yet made the journey in one
of my own old cars. That might be something to add to the agenda for my
forthcomming retirement. Maybe I'll see you along the "Mother Road."

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