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So has your life changed because the Batmobile sold for over $4 million or because the first new Corvette with serial number 1 brought $1.1 million in a charity sale? I watched a bit of the Arizona auctions on TV -- just a bit. It didn't take long to get tired of all the ads and promotions and turn off the TV.

I'm glad the "boyz" are having their fun in the sun, but I'd be satisified if I found the cheap '55 Chevy coupe that I need for my gasser project. I've found a couple in my $2,500 price range, but not the right one yet. So I'll be checking out eBay and Craig's list tonight. I just don't have much time to watch guys pay crazy money for cars that don't give them any more happines than I get from driving my cosmetically-challenged MG Tf.

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