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Glass Menagerie

I don't know about you, but I love seeing restoration work that qualifies as a "work of art." Sometimes that description applies to a whole car and sometimes it applies just to a part of the car. Today I stopped to see a couple of guys in Crescent, Pa., who have turned the restoration of early Corvette windshields and fiberglass hardtops into a true art form.

 Chances are, you or I could probably buy a Corvette and live pretty well with the windshield or hardtop it has. Or we might try to restore these parts ourselves and do a real decent job. HOWEVER - if we wanted the car to look like a "crown" jewel and win Top Flight Awards - then it's probably time to send our parts to Matt, Larry and Joe at Glassworks/The Hardtop Shop.

Youthful though they are, these talented craftsmen have literally perfected the job of making a car with one of their windshields or tops stand out from the pack.

But don't take my word on this. You have a computer (or you wouldn't be reading this blog) so visit U-Tube and search for Joe's videos on Corvette windshields and Corvette hardtops. He has created four informative presentations that any early 'Vette collector will definitely want to see.

If you can't find the videos, visit or email Joe at

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