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Good Time To Be A Collector

Right now is a good time to be a collector because it's a "buyer's market" out there. Today we attended the annual vintage motorcycle auction at S-K Service ( in Hatley, Wis. Steve Kasten and his crew were offering about 60 bikes for sale in a great little auction, but instead of bringing thousands of dollars, most bikes were fetching bids in the $400-$600 range.

In one case, a Triumph crossed the block and sold for $600 and when the high bidder showed his paddle, Steve recognized him. "Didn't I buy this bike from you?" the dealer asked the man. "Yes you did," the fellow answered. "And you gave me more for it than I just paid you to buy it back!"

That's a pretty good reflection of where the collector vehicle market is right now, so if you need another project car, truck or motorcycle, don't wait.

By the way, we are looking forward to a return trip to S-K Service to do an article on the business, which is headquartered in a great old automotive building and filled with many collectible bikes, old signs and memorabilia. Seems like a great place to have a bike serviced, too!

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