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Great People in this Hobby

I have said it before and I'll say it again, there are absolutely great folks in this hobby of ours. On Saturday I was shooting pictures of a '65 Plymouth straight-axle, altered-wheelbase drag car owned by Dave Glass of D & M Corvette Specialties ( We were in Downers Grove, Ill., at Dave's storage building, a short distance from his car store. A man walking his dog was watching me shoot the car and came over. After a few words, he said he owned five Amphicars. I told him that former OCW editor Keith Mathiowetz was restoring an Amphicar and he said, "I know Keith, he's a great guy."

This "small world" experience reminded Dave Glass of another one. Dave had recently purchased a beautiful clone of a '64 Ford Thunderbolt and was pulling it home open trailer. He stopped for breakfast and when he came out, there was a group of men "all over" his Fairlane. They asked if he wanted to see some other Fords and were soon showing him a great collection in a building less than a block away. Dave said that he, being a Corvette guy, was having trouble with a Ford engine I.D. No sweat. The man who owned the other cars knew the answer and even gave Dave additional info. Like I say, the hobby is full of absolutely great people! No wonder car collecting is so much fun.

Please check Dave's website. As you can tell by the above, he's not strictly into Corvettes. He has lots of collector cars and hot rods for sale. 

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