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Harley Davidon Museum

Starting on August 28 in downtown Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson will be hosting a big party to celebrate the motorcycle maker's 105th anniversary. Advertisements for this event are comparing the company's 105th anniversary to Haley's Comet, which also rolls around every 105 years. The company has a complete fleet of slate-and-orange limited-production anniversary edition bikes for sale, as well as posters and other memorabilia.

To me, the most exciting thing will be the opening of the Harley-Davidson Museum during the birthday party. Last week, workmen started putting up the replica Board Track that will be part of the museum. Both motorcycles and cars were raced on these board tracks between 1910 and the mid-1930s.

An interesting thing is the company Website has a webcam feature for those interested. They can tune in and watch the Harley Davidson Museum being built piece by piece. It's a fascinating thing to watch. Check it out at

I think this is going to be a big year for Harley and Harley enthusiasts.

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