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Heading Back Home -- Day 1

Gunner's log of his trip back to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania

I left home on Feb. 23 and have been on the road since then, Now, I am on my way back to Wisconsin (and I hear snow) but I did not get very far the first day. I am heading for the Pottstown-Boyertown, Pa. area on Monday to stop at Eastwood, Pollock Restorations, the Boyertown Museum and the 3 Dog Garage collection. I realized I was passing by the home of Jonathan Stein, who does Hagerty's quarterly magazine, so I decided to stop to see him. Before getting there I went to a diner for lunch and saw that the man next to me was wearing a Foose shirt. I struck up a conversation with Barry A. Kanick and wound up stopping at his home, less than a mile away, to see his two Superbirds (one with 6,000 original miles) and other Mopars. If you want to see them visit Barry has made posters of his cars with the Blue Angels and with Richard Petty. Later, I did get to Jonathan's place. After picking up a friend who owned a rare British-built TVR sports car, we proceeded to see the collection of Dr. Paul Sable. Afterwards, we went to a British themed restaurant for dinner. All in all, not a bad day for a car guy traveling back home. Stay tuned for the rest of the week.

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