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About this time last year I took over the role of "Team Leader" for Transportation Books here at Krause Publications. Team Leader is the modern, politically-correct name for what most of us really think of as "Middle Manager" or "Immediate Boss." The guy who had this job before me, Brian Earnest, had signed writer and photographer Jerry Heasley to do a book titled Corvette Masterpieces. All I knew is that it was planned as a thick, hardcover "coffeetable" book. Now, I have worked with Jerry Heasley off and on since the late 1970s. I met him while I was taking part in the 1984 Great American Race. I had just ridden into Amarillo, Texas on a 1912 fire engine when this tall, lanky dude comes walking up and says, "Hi, I'm Jerry!" I told Jerry that I was tired, filthy and sweaty after cruising the desert in a chain-driven American LaFrance. I was going to take a shower. If he wanted to wait, fine. He did. We had dinner that night and he told me about the Cobra he owned and his passion for taking pictures of cars. I knew right away that Jerry was OK. However, I was not very hot on doing another Corvette book. "It's not the same as all them other books," Jerry said in his slow, Texas drawl. "This one is not a re-hash of every other 'Vette book, it's only about what I call masterpieces and the people who collect them." As I dug into Jerry's book, I realized he was right. Each day of working on it got more exciting. Like the man who designed the modern Mustang, Jerry had "nailed" what Corvette collecting is all about. At 40 bucks, Corvette Masterpieces is pricey. However, if you really love Corvettes, you are probably going to want it. But don't take my word - afterall, I work for the publisher. What I want to do is let you know the book is out there. It's up to you to read the book reviews in hobby publications and call up other Corvette lovers who bought the book. You know what? I think they'll tell you to buy it. It's that good. (This book just came in. To check it out visit www.krausebooks.com as soon as they get it listed. 

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