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Here's an idea for a car show

Quick build old car class at shows

Every month or two I get a look at a magazine called Grassroots Motorsports ( that's a pretty good read if you're into building your own at-home racing car. One thing they do that I really like is sponsor a rally every year for cars that their readers build on a budget. The budget is set by the year. In other words, this year, all cars that participate have to cost less that $2,007 to build.

You may think no one could build a car for that little, but they do. In fact, the build some really great machines.

So, why not have a class at collector-car shows for vehicles that cost "less than the year" to build? That would be fun and challenging. Sure, you might have to start with a "Kenny's Klunker" car and use parts you have sitting around your garage, but we're sure some folks could accomplish some great things.

What do you think?

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