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Did you see a number of recent car magazine covers with the "no" symbol on the cover? That's the round red circle with a diagonal slash through it. The message implied was that there may be no car hobby left if politicians get their way here, there and everywhere.

In Wisconsin we're still dealing with Trans 123, a rule that would have the effect of law. That means it doesn't have to be voted on. If the committee reviewing the bill approves it, the damn thing becomes law. Trans 123 says that any 1967 and up imported car that doesn't meet 2010 safety and emissions standards will not be able to go to a new owner in the State of Wisconsin. Right! You will not be able to register that car to a new owner ever again. You can keep it (if it is already registered) but you will not be able to register it again -- ever!

I actually thought this rule had been killed, but now I find out that they only shelved it because of the stink it created. And the smart money says it will be dusted off and run past newly-elected politicians who are not aware that it created an uproar the last time it came up. That is the sneaky way that politicians get things done these days.

If Trans 123 for imported cars passes, I'm sure we'll see Trans 456 for hot rods and Trans 789 for classic cars. Maybe even Trans 10-11-12 for muscle cars. And so on and so on. In short, they are bound and determined to take our right to drive older cars away from us. They justify this by saying that if their action saves one life, it's worth doing.

Well, I have news for them. In most cases, some people drive for years and years and never have accidents no matter how old and "dangerous" their cars may be. Other people have accidents over and over, even though they drive ultra-safe modern cars. So if they wasted as much time and effort teaching people to drive as they waste running other folks' lives, they would prevent a whole lot of accidents without stomping all over our personal freedoms.

If you think they cannot take your old car away or stop you from driving it, contact the people at Wisconsin Hot Rod radio (414) 333-3590 or arlo@wisconsinhotrodradio.com. Ask them to send you copies of the literature they have been giving out at car shows. After you read it, see if you don't feel as scared and as mad as I do.

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