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My son Jesse and I have spent the last 7 days driving from Iola to New York and back again. For company, we kept the radio on most of the way and we heard a lot of talk radio -- on both sides of the aisle. There was a lot of negative verbage about politics and the economy. Then, last night, we heard a report that advertising sales and ticket sales and everything else to do with today's Super Bowl is up, up, up!

I am not a football fan. The only way I would watch the game is probably to be at a great party with friends. But I also know I'm in the minority. Most Americans love football. Still, hearing about the success of the Big Game put an idea in my head. Why not create a real "SUPER BOWL OF CARS?"

This would be a show that combines all aspects of the car world -- new cars, Classics, hot rods, trucks, racing, motorcycles -- into one big event. Something like the Hershey Swap Meet, SEMA, the Chicago Auto Show, the Power Tour and the Cycle World Expo all wrapped up in one.

If someone really pulled this off, maybe it would help get the whole auto industry going again. It could be made so exciting and so all-encompassing that the rich and famous people, big corporations and -- most important of all -- the KIDS of the next generation, would all want to go to the SUPER BOWL of CARS.

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