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I Don't Need Another

Saturday morning my son Jesse woke me up bright and early so we could get to Sunset Curve Auto Parts, a salvage yard in nearby Weyauwega, Wisconsin, to pickup a 700R4 transmission for his '89 Caprice State Trooper car. He wants to get his car, which is otherwise in very nice shape, to the point where it is running again. He's hoping to sell it in the Car Corral at the Iola Old Cars Show the second weekend in July.

I think that's a good idea. He's got two other cars and I can tell him, from experience, he doesn't need another one. You see, I currently have 11 cars in my shed and the care and feeding of that many (especially at $3.14 per gallon) is getting to be too much.

So wouldn't you know it . . . we get to Sunset Curve and there sits a vehicle that definitely needs a collector to own it. We never even heard of a KING truck before, but it appears to be some type of Japanese, Korean (or maybe even Chinese) model. It actually reminded us of some Volkswagen models of years ago, but it had a Toyota flavor to it as well. And not only was it a relative rarity (at least in America) . . . it had only 15 miles on the odometer! And the asking price was just $4,500.

Like it says on the top, I don't need another. I have no room, I have too many projects and I just really don't need 12 vehicles. Then again, if I did . . .

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