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With my varied automotive interests ranging from sports cars, to vintage motorcycles to, toy ambulances to real police cars, every once in awhile I'm reminded of my Pontiac roots and how my editing the Pontiac-Oakland Club International's newsletter started me on a new career track.

Though I've never quite been able to justify getting one of those cool neon Pontiac dealer signs that cost a small fortune these days, I was lucky enough to acquire a large Pontiac Indian head weather vane a few years ago through a friend named Dave Doyle. I have it hanging in my car building and it's large enough to stand out pretty well as a wall decorations.

Until yesterday I had no knowledge of smaller versions of this item. Then, I ran across one in the swap meet at the big motorcycle show in Davenport, Iowa. The first one I saw was a rather weathered weather vane and the price was way too high for me. But the second one was not only nicer, but more reasonably priced.

I noticed that the two small ones were not identical. The mounting poles were different and the nicer one carried a brass tag with an actual serial number. The seller told me that the smaller Pontiac Indian head weather vanes are rarer and worth more because they were serialized.

Now, I think I remember seeing a picture of an old Pontiac dealership decorated with weather vanes of both sizes. I'm not sure though, So, I would appreciate input from anyone who knows about these things and reads my blog. I want to learn all I can about these unique pieces of automobilia.

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