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Just Like Leno's

I may have mentioned our jaunt to Chicago last weekend for the "Urban Picnic" that the Wisconsin Region of the Classic Car Club of America held last weekend. We don't own a "Classic" car (as defined by the CCCA) but we were invited to join the club as part of a special promotion last year. The offer was too good to pass up and the Wisconsin Region seems so active we'll renew when the time comes. It is great just to have the CCCA Membership Roster on our book shelf, in case we need to get in touch wiith someone who owns a certain Classic.

The interesting thing about the picnic was the Pierce-Arrow owned by the lady who hosted the event. It is a gorgeous 1930 Series B Pierce-Arrow Victoria Coupe, which is supposedly one of three built. In researching the car on the Internet, we came across an entry and a picture saying that well-known "Tonight Show" comedian Jay Leno has a similar car that belonged to his grandfather. The paint on the two cars is the same color, but slightly different. However, the cars are like twins. Imagine owning a car that is one of three built and one of the others belongs not only to Jay Leno, but also belonged to his grandfather! Now, that's something that doesn't happen every day. 

The Wisconsin car belongs to Mary Ann Windsor, who was a wonderful and gracious host and we enjoyed seeing this great machine up close and personal.

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