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King open house gives hobbyists a royal time

A full day of activities at the King Veterans’ Home Open House on May 18 included an Old Car Show, a display of military vehicles, tours, riverboat excursions on the Chain O’ Lakes, Civil War enactment groups, band concerts, food and refreshments at the historic veterans’ Home, in Waupaca, Wis.

Ingvar Arneson’s 1951 Hudson Commodore coupe was an attention getter at this event, gleaming in the sunny morning light. The 1932 Ford five-window coupe that Joe and Chris Keller brought down from Rosholt, seems to be a regular at King, but isn’t seem at many other shows. The Model A Ford Club, had a strong turnout of many different models and body styles. Robert and Ruth Barforth of Wild Rose brought their 1936 Ford coupe and Ruth was having fun asking spectators if they wanted to see the car’s restored interior.

Rick Zuierler showed a 1950 Buick Super convertible coupe with the 263-cid “Fireball” straight eight. The opposite of the Buick’s bulk was the efficient-looking 1964 Rambler American four-door sedan parked nearby. It was from an era when most American iron was bigger, flashier and more gas guzzling. Mark Geske—of Gunner’s Great Garage—brought his 1961 Corvette up from Mackville, Wis. Under the hood is a heated up Camaro 302-cid V-8 that makes some great noises starting up, idling or going down the road.


Spectators liked this ’51 Hudson Commodore coupe.


Model A Fords came out in force thanks to an active club.


Mark Geske cruised up to the show with top down on his ’61 ‘Vette.

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