Lightning Strikes Again

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Father's Day will be rolling around soon. For Father's Day 2006, a couple of my grandkids took me to see the "Cars" movie and I noticed the feature-length cartoon story was getting kids interested in cars again. I noticed this again at the "World of Wheels" show last Sunday. One of the attractions there was a full-size version of the "Lightning McQueen" car from the movie, which was arranged so that kids could have their pictures taken with it. There was a pretty long line of kids waiting for their "photo ops." I just hope that many of those kids develop into car collectors. This hobby needs young blood to keep it going. Modern kids have cell phones, video games and computers to keep them occupied and the interest in cars seemed to by dying down for awhile. The "Cars" movie reversed the trend big time and I've got my fingers crossed that a lot of the kids that saw the movie are going to become long-term enthusiasts. The rest of us have to do all we can to keep this enthusiasm going. If you notice a kid checking out your car at a show this summer, be sure to ask the parents if their son or daughter would like to climb behind the steering wheel and sit in the driver's seat. I can guarantee, you'll make a kid's day by doing things like that!

By the way, the full-size Lightening McQueen car is one of three full-size versions of the movie cars constructed by a talented customizer named Eddie Paul. Eddie also built full-size versions of the "Sally Carrera" Porsche and the "Tow-Mater" tow truck. And Eddie has written three great how-to books for us that tell you how to do the work he does. Eddie's books on custom paint and custom body work will teach you all you need to know to restore or customize any vintage car. Visit to get more info about his titles or to order copies.

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