Making Your Hobby Your Business - #1

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With bad job reports coming almost weekly these days, we're going to profile some people who successfully turned their old car hobby into a career:

Barry Kanick — — Breinigsville, PA
For years and years, Barry Kanick worked as a truck designer. He also collected Mopars of the late-1960s as a hobby. Now his hobby has morphed into a new career path and Barry bills himself as Owner and Senior Designer of Creative Design & Innovative Photographic Development for Kinicker Digital.
His company makes and sells unique panoramic posters featuring the cars Barry owns near famous airplanes. One shows his blue Plymouth Road Runner Superbird with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbird squadron. The second shows the same car with the U.S. Navy’s F/A-18 “Blue Angel” jet fighters. A third poster shows One Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird of every major production color poised at the start/finish line at the Great Pocono International Speedway.
When we met, Barry was expecting a temporary layoff at his job and was happy to have his new “hobby business” to fall back on.

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