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The sixth “Masterpiece of Style & Speed” in Milwaukee, Wis., honored the 100th anniversary of Italian automaker Alfa-Romeo and the Midwest’s magnificent motoring marvel—the Model J Duesenberg. The Aug. 22 venue was again presented in Veteran’s Park on the shores of Lake Michigan, with touring events and a Club Day staged on the 21st to kick things off. A row of outstanding Alfas was present and four Duesenberg Model Js showed up. Duesenberg expert Joe Kaufman was a guest of honor at The Masterpiece and presented several seminars. Other cars at the show ran the gamut from early electrics to George Stauffer’s late-model Bentley factory racing car (a special entry since it was not built prior to 1972). Whether you like brass era touring cars, streamliners of the Art Deco era, ‘50s finmobiles or muscle cars, there was something outstandingly special to suit your taste at The Masterpiece in 2010. It was a great show.

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