Middle of October

When winter is sneaking up on you and your old car

Gosh darn it - it can't be the middle of October, yet. Shucks, I was just getting going when it came to old-car shows. Suddenly, I don't have much time left to button up the fleet for winter. With 11 vehicles to attend to, I've got a ton of things to do - check antifreeze, pump up tires, find the car covers, raise the hoods of the uncovered cars to try to keep mice from nesting (they do not like daylight) and so on and so forth. My email is going to be turned off and the phone will be off the hook . . . I have "stuff" to do.

How about you? What steps do you take to ready your old cars for winter? If you have any good tips to pass on to fellow hobbyists, please use this blog to do so. It is easy to post comments and to read other comments. Like the used to say in the good old days, keep those cards and letters coming (even if they are electronic).

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