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Mike Yager's Corvette Bible

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Last night the weather was great here in central Wisconsin and our Wednesday Cruise Nite at the Waupaca Burger King was one of the best of the year. A lot of cars turned out. It is always exciting when something new shows up, and last night the stand-out new participant was a freshly-restored 1953 Ford Indy Pace Car convertible. Another neat first timer was a silver '59 or '60 'Vette (it was slightly modified, so you couldn't tell the exact year). Seeing that 'Vette made me think about one of our latest new books. A lot of collector-car enthusiasts have owned a Corvette. Most of those who haven't would like to. Corvettes are cool. But buying a good Corvette can be a tricky proposition. If you want an all-original car, "matching numbers" count. If you want a fun ride, like the silver car at the cruise, it's a smart decision, but only if you pay the right price for it. The fun car should cost less than the for-show car.

Mike Yager is one of the most charismatic and well-known Corvette experts in the world. He is the owner of Mid America Motorworks (a big supplier of Corvette parts) and the founder of Corvette Funfest (a huge fall Corvette show). Now, Mike is an author. He wrote our new book. It's called Mike Yager's Corvette Bible and the point of it is to help collectors buy the right Corvette at the right price. Its a book by a man who knows Corvettes like he knows the back of his hand.

Yager started Mid America Motorworks with a $500 loan and now it's a giant mail-order industry serving millions of customers worldwide. While he can't tell you how to get a $1 million 'Vette for $500, Mike can tell you how to get the most for your money in the Corvette marketplace and that's what his book is about. Mid America Motorworks

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