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New rent-a-car-project service

If any of you folks reading this need a project, I have one for you. I’ve got more projects than I can handle and I’ll probably buy another one before I finish the first project. So, I think I’ll start a rent-a-project service so you can have fun and I can sit back and relax.

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Let’s see. You can work on getting the 1917 Oakland I bought last fall started and running. The 1936 Pontiac runs, but the last time I used it, there was an oil puddle under the car. The 1948 Pontiac needs the brake master cylinder rebuilt. The 1949 Studebaker Commander Starlight coupe is being degreased, which has really turned into quite a job. After it’s all cleaned up, it needs to be totally restored.

The 1950 MG TD Hot Rod project never really got off the ground. The 1952 MG TD is nearly ready for paint and complete reassembly. So, you can have your choice of a big project or a relatively small one.

The 1954 MF TF was half taken apart before I stopped working on it. That means you can have the fun of both disassembling it and the putting it back together.

The 1957 MG Magnette is completely taken apart.. The 1975 Ford tow truck needs the brakes bled, the fuses replaced and a new chrome wheel simulator.

The 1989 Chevy police car doesn’t need much, but a new battery may be in order because of how long the car sat. The 1994 Sunbird needs at least a new power window motor in the driver’s door. . . at least. Even the 2009 Ranger and the 2014 F150 both need front brake pads.

So, if you need a project, don’t look at those swap meet signs offering rusty hulks that need $1 million worth of work. Instead, give me a call and ask if you can rent a project. I’ll find one suitable for your skill level. You can take it away, fix it up and bring it back when you’re done.

You’ll avoid all the hassles of buying a car, getting a title, registering it, paying taxes, getting insurance and buying gas and oil. You’ll have all the fun and I’ll finally get my projects completed. Great idea, huh?


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