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No Wonder I Don't Go to the Movies!

No wonder I don't go to the movies! While I was working on my MG Magnette last night, John Marks of Barrington, Ill. called. Of late, John has been helping Wayne Lensing of the Historic Auto Attractions Museum. It was not long ago that I blogged about the museum and remarked that the folks shooting a movie called "Public Enemy" ought to visit Wayne's museum. The movie is about John Dillinger and Wayne has a real John Dillinger car in his collection. I thought it would be nice to see the car in the movie because of the historical accuracy.

It turns out that John Marks did invite the movie people to come see the car and they decided to rent it for the film. They even fixed a bullet hole in the trunk (that shouldn't have been there). And they took the car all the way up to Columbus, Wis., where the filming was being done. But director Micheal Mann didn't like the way the car looked and sent it home without using it.

Is that dumb or what? The car was the REAL THING. It would have made the silly movie a lot more authentic. It could even have been used to hype the degree of realism in the film. But it wasn't the right color or something! Could you imagine old Public Enemy No. 1 turning down a hot '32 Studebaker getaway car because the pinstripe was the wrong shade?

 Oh well. That's Hollywood for you. I think I'll wait until it comes on TV. Oops. I can't do that because I don't watch television either. 

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