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There's a new Old Cars "Community" being set up on the Old Cars Weekly website. They tell me it's like My Space.com, but being an old codger, I have no idea what that is. However, it seemed like it would be fun to try to set up a profile of my "bad habits" (collecting cars) so I clicked myself into the community and started figuring how to set up a profile. I'm told I was supposed to use the "Sign up" button, but I was scared of that 'cause I thought I might be signing up to buy something (which wasn't the case). So I hit the "Invite" button, which sounded more inviting, and I was confronted with a form on which to enter my information. This will create a profile so I can network with other collectors. Doing all the "paperwork" is kind of a job, but now I can talk to other hobbyists (for free) on line. Who knows when that might come in handy for getting a fact for an article or - even more important - tracing down a hard to get part for my MG Magnette.

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