Old School Schooling

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Lately the term "old school" (with a variety of spellings) has become a buzz word in the old-car hobby. Usually it's invoked to describe a "lead sled," "a TRADITIONAL hot rod" or a "Rat Rod." Whichever one of these three modified car types you prefer, chances are pretty good that the car build is going to demand some old-fashioned body working skills like metal pounding or lead work. Building the ride like they did in the "good old days" is part of the old school culture.

One of the best teachers of these "lost arts" is a man named Ron Covell from Freedon, Calif. Ron started out doing hands-on work of this type. As the tidal wave of interest grew, he started writing books on the topic. Now he's evolved into more of a teacher a guru of the old school movement. He gives seminars at shows, schools and shops throughout the United States and teaches what he calls "Creative Metalworking."

If you're interested in learning old-fashioned body work, for either stock restorations or custom builds, take a look at Ron's seminar schedule and video offerings at www.covell.biz.

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