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One Thing Leads To Another

This is the first "blog" I'm writing as a "civilian." That's right . . . after 29 years, last week I cleaned out my desk and started a new career as a free-lance writer. Not bad for a 60-year-old coot, huh?

Since I'm a little paranoid about making enough money, I have been keeping my nose to the grindstone. One thing seems to lead to another. Today I was calling some talented sheet metal fabricators to get their opinions on tools. Wayne Lensing of Lefthander Chassis in Roscoe, Ill., was on the list. When he heard about my connections to Old Cars Weekly and Iola Old Car Show, it was like talking to my long lost best friend. Wayne invited me to a trade show at his facility. Before very long he had me convinced I should drive a couple of hundred miles to go. I haven't looked it up on the Internet, but it's Friday and Saturday. According to Wayne a lot of big vendors will be there. Wayne has a museum he wants to show me and sheet metal restoration workshops he says I'll enjoy.

So there I was, trying to start my retirement. One thing led to another. Now, Wayne has got me working again. Boy, am I going to give him a piece of my mind!

If you're interested in sheet metal fabrication, you might be able to get in the door this weekend. No promises . . . it ain't up to me. But, you can try calling Wayne at (815) 389-9999 to see what the game plan is.

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