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People Collect the Darnedest Things

The 1949 VW cutaway chassis.

The 1949 VW cutaway chassis.

What you see here is not a Lunar Lander or a Florida Swamp Buggy with wheels or a piece of agricultural equipment. It is a 1949 Volkswagen cutaway chassis. Now, think about that. When is the last time you saw a 1949 Volkswagen. Or did you ever see a ’49 Volkswagen? Probably not.

Volkswagens of that vintage are very rare, but so is this cutaway. It is owned by Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks. Mike sells Corvette parts and Volkswagen parts. And as if to prove that people collect the darnedest things, Mike collects these types of displays for both brands of cars.

Mike says the Volkswagen cutaway is extremely rare. It was made because the German automaker was desperate to rebuild business after World War II. The company used innovative ideas to promote its innovative cars.

This cutaway showcased the innovation embodied in the car. It was displayed at Automechanika in Germany and at other European auto shows. This is an early chassis with hydraulic front brakes and mechanical rear brakes. The cutaway reveals details of all major components including the engine, transmission, battery, brakes and wheel bearings. Even the tires on it are 1950 tires.

People sure do collect the darnedest things.

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