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Plenty of Bargains Out There

Despite all you hear about the "Great Recession," the nice thing about the old car hobby right now is all of the bargains out there. Whether you're buying cars, spending for part or outfitting your shop with equipment, if you are a wise shopper, your money will go farther than a few years ago. I have been outfitting my new restoration shop called Gunner's Great Garage in Manawa, Wis. We just got a great buy on a big 7.5 hp, 80-gal. air compressor from Car Quest and the fantastic price includes free delivery to the nearest store, where we can pick it up. Other than the fact that we have to figure how to jockey a 400-pound compressor onto a car hauling trailer, the whole deal was great. It seems that Car Quest has a special trade show deal on for the next two weeks, so we got the 7.5-hp 3-cyl compressor for the same price we were going to pay for a 5-hp two-cylinder. Anyway, the bottom line is, it's a great time to buy things. So check out those ads in Old Cars Weekly to see what's on sale.

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