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No real adventure this past weekend. I drove my 1953 Pontiac Catalina down to the opening of the Pontiac-Oakland Museum. Down to? Yup! It's in Pontiac, Illinois-- not Michigan! Seems that the Illinois city had some cash in the coffer due to its big recycling center and wanted to invest it in tourism. My friend Tim Dye stopped in Pontiac, showed someone his great book on Pontiac memorabilia, and wound up meeting the Mayor. Before too long, he had a Pontiac museum and a job as its curator. The Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum has 15 cars and tons of Pontiac history and collectibles. If Pontiacs are your thing, the museum is worth a trip. Even a 500-mile trip in 100-degree weather driving an old Catalina with "ventipane air conditioning."

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