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I have so many car projects going it makes me tired to think about it. My "good" MG TD is in pieces in John's Custom Auto, a local body shop. My "hot rod" MG TD is just a rusty frame at this point. I'm working on a '40 Dodge pickup for a customer. At home, I have the '57 MG Magnette sedan apart. My '89 Caprice cop car is getting new exhaust Y-pipe flanges and turned out to need front brakes, too. The '53 Pontiac is acting like it needs a new battery. And I have a new set of battery cables to put on the '48 Pontiac. The MG TF's generator is out to a specialty shop getting the armature re-wound. The '36 Pontiac has a flat because the wheel wore a hole in the valve stem on the tube. I also have two (or maybe three) Honda "Baby Dream" motorcycles completely apart. Hey! This is getting expensive. Anyone wanna buy a restoration project?

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