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By Bob Ashton

When it comes to automotive treasures, Michigan has some of the finest,
including the Henry Ford Museum and the Chrysler Museum. What many don’t
know about is a private collection of over 150 cars that is one of the most
diversified and eclectic in the world.

Ken Lingenfelter, CEO of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and an avid car
enthusiast, has assembled his dream collection and is joining forces with the
EyesOn Design automotive design exhibition to offer a unique opportunity.
Located in Brighton, Michigan, the Lingenfelter Collection features a wide variety
of Corvettes from 1953-2011, Muscle Cars of nearly every make, some of the
wildest and most desirable exotics ever imported into the U.S and more. The
collection is not open to the public, but Mr. Lingenfelter has agreed to host
a special one day open house to help raise funds for the Detroit Institute of
Opthalmology, who produce the EyesOn Design show held annually on Fathers

As Honorary Chairman of the EyesOn Design show this year, Lingenfelter will open
the doors of his collection on Saturday, June 18, from 9am to 4pm for Cruis-News
readers and their guests. To make things even better, your $20 donation will get
you in to not only this incredible collection, but also the EyesOn Design show on
Sunday, June 19! With 100% of the proceeds going directly to the DIO, we are
both honored and humbled by Mr. Lingenfelter’s generosity.

For more information on viewing the Lingenfelter collection on June 18, and
also the EyesOn Design automotive design exhibition on June 19, please view or call the DIO at 313-824-4710. For a preview of
this amazing collection, see

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