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Reasonable Prices at Atlantic City

Today was an interesting day at the Atlantic City Classic Car Auction Ron Kowalke has been taking down the auction results for Old Cars Weekly and estimates that 30-40 percent of the cars are selling. He hasn't spotted any real trends or swings in interest, but he thinks that all the cars being sold are trading at levels off the high prices of the past few years. In some cases, I spotted great buys. Future Classics of Lakewod, N.J., sold a beautiful, unrestored '40 Pontiac Six Coupe for $15,000. It was a fabulous original car that could easily win car show trophies. Tony Averso of Troby's Memory Lane in South Hackensack, N.J., let a gorgeous, restored '41 Cadillac coupe go for under $50,000. It was another stunning looking machine. Among the top "barn finds" in the sale was a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 sedan. This one needed some work for show, but it was fully driveable and would be a fun car to use for a summer or two, before refurbishing it. How about a 1929 Plymouth Model U coupe with a 45-hp Silver Dome engine in running condition? The asking price was justy $7,50 for this all original Mopar. People we talked to described the venue as a "buyer's market." Whether you wanted an old car, a '50s car, a muscle car or a sports car, there were plenty to choose from and the prices were the most reasonable ones we've seen in years.

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