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Yesterday we visited the Vintage Motorcycle Show at the Outagamie Fairgrounds in Seymour, Wis., near Green Bay. Naturally I found something I should buy, even though my "spending cash" is lower than a limbo bar.

Having recently purchased a 1949 Indian Chief, I searched the fairgrounds and came up with one for sale. Believe it or not, the price tag is just $395. But the bike wasn't a "Springfield" Indian (made in Springfield, Mass.) This one was made in Italy!

In the late '60s and early '70s, automotive publishing legend Floyd Clymer bought rights to the Indian name and unsuccessfully used it on small Italian bikes and some German-built models. The bike at the show is a 70-cc Italian-built model of 1972 vintage. It's not a "real" Indian, but it would sure be a conversation piece. And I could play jokes on people who stop by and say "heard you have an Indian - can I see it?" I can roll out the little "papoose" and watch their faces drop.

Like I say, I should break the bank and buy the thing when we return to the motorcycle show today, but then I'll really be out of money. So, please go to the show, buy the little Indian and save me from the poorhouse.

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