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The 1963 Sabra Super Sport
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One of the cars that caught my eye in the flea market at the Iola Old Car Show was a sports roadster that I first took to be a pretty exotic Fiat or maybe a homebuilt sports racing car. Steve LeSavage of Stevens Point, Wis., was the owner and informed me that it was a 1963 Sabra Super Sport. For those of you not familiar with the name, Sabra was the only company to produce a car in Israel.

The car was actually a badge engineered version of the British Reliant and it can definitely be described as rare and cool. The car at Iola had a fiberglass body with a flip-up front end and an OHV four below it carrying twin SU carbs.

I have seen one other Sabra -- a fabulous looking GT coupe owned by my friend Lou Natenshon in Chicago. The car at Iola needed a COMPLETE restoration, but will make someone a rare ride one of these days. It's complete and, of course, the glass body doesn't rust.

Since it would be great to see this car preserved, I'm letting the collector car world know that Steve can be reached at 715-340-4931 or

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