Serial No. 1 Corvettes Not Sold

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We got to the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show last night just in time to watch the Serial No. 1 Corvettes from 1955, 1956 and 1957 go through the Mecum Auction. The white '55, the red '56 and the turquoise '57 were each the first numbered unit for each of the three model years.

As my son Jesse pointed out, In addition to the appeal of the first serial number for each year, the collection also included the first V-8 powered production Corvette and the first fuel-injected production Corvette.

And with all that going for them, the cars did not sell after being bid to $1,850,000 for the set of three. They then tried to sell them individually, and none of the cars sold that way either.

It's a shame! As the Mecum auction crew pointed out, Serial No, 1 collectible guns have been sold for well over a million dollars. When you put it in that perspective, these three Corvettes, as a set, probably should have brought much more.

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