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Simeone to add spirit of motion to Auburns and Cords April 28

At noon on Saturday, April 28, the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum will have a Demo Day to discuss how Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg became linked together and why they represented the pinnacle of American automotive engineering in the 1920s and into the 1930s. Best of all, several of these cars will be exercised in front museum visitors.

This special day will feature the 1921 Duesenberg Grand Prix (display only), 1928 Auburn 8-88, 1933 Auburn 12-165, 1935 Auburn 851 and 1937 Supercharged Cord. It will be a very special opportunity to see such great American classics in action.

Before the event, there will be a Member's Only Meet and Greet with Dr. Simeone. Museum members will a chance to talk with Dr. Simeone before the Demo Day event begins. The Member's Meet and Greet will start at 10:15 and run until 11:30 with coffee and pastries provided.

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