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Super Salesman

Writer/photographer Jerry Heasley is a super salesman. Jerry wrote a book called Corvette Masterpieces. It's a very unique book because it does not try to rehash the history of the 'Vette for the umpteenth time. In fact, the only factory photo in the book is an assembly line shot that I slipped in and Jerry won't let me forget. As he puts it, this book is about the Corvette hobby and the people in it. It features unique Corvettes like factory dream cars, racing cars, see-through cars, Resto-Mods, tuner cars, custom cars and movie cars. There are chapters on shows, the Corvette museum, the Corvette factory and There are stories about a bunch of "New Yawkers" who changed their oil by driving up on the curb and about a character named Little Willie who nearly got Jerry arrested on a photo shoot in Dearborn, Mich.

Jerry believes in his book so much, that he has personally sold 600 copies of it since it came out a month ago. I was with him in Las Vegas (at SEMA) and Chicago (at Chevy Vettefest) and it's amazing to see him "work a crowd" in an elevator. He enters the car last, with his book under his arm, faces the crowd and says in a Texas drawl, "Anyone in this elevator wanna buy my book?" He usually sells a few copies. In fact, he has ordered more than two major bookstore chains and sold them all. If you want to check out Jerry's book, go to and search up Corvette Masterpieces. It is really a different type of Corvette book.

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