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Today the OLD CARS WEEKLY calendar is compiled from readers sending photos of their cars in, but years ago we used to take the photos and make a big production out of it. I remember around 20 of us going to Oshkosh to shoot a picture of a pink '57 T-Bird at an old open-air drive-in theatre. We had a great time, but the picture turned out fuzzy. That didn't surprise me, because we were all fuzzy the next day. One year we did a cool calendar with some very neat old trucks and matching toy trucks. Photographer Dave Heise and I traveled to visit truck collectors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We went to see Frank Malatesta who had his beautiful Packard moving van lettered up to match his Horseless Carriage car-hauling trucks. Frank had a lot of clout in his hometown of Patterson. So he picked up the phone, called the police and said, "These guys from OLD CARS WEEKLY are going to be taking pictures of my old truck at such and such a location, so don't bother them." That made us feel like we were kind of special. Hollywood-move over. Here comes the OCW camera!

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