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When I started with OLD CARS WEEKLY in the late '70s we sold a wide range of products when we went to shows. We had T-shirts, calendars, bumper stickers, plastic cups and probably some other items. The OLD CARS WEEKLY show trailer had a side opening that lifted like a flap and when someone at a car show came up to buy a subscription, they would have to brush aside the shirts and hats hanging from the flap. All of the garments were orange and it's pretty easy to understand why if you live in Wisconsin for any period of time. Hunting is a big part of life in this neck of the woods and hunters wear orange so they don't shoot each other (or maybe so they can see each other better to aim at their enemies). We sold a lot of orange shirts, but is was always a hassle because someone would want a certain size or thought the logo was crooked or wanted to exchange an "L" for an "XXXXL." Eventually, good old Chet got frustrated by these things and farmed the garment business out to Sue's Products. After that, when we went to a show, all we sold was OLD CARS WEEKLY and OLD CARS PRICE GUIDE. That made life a little easier, but the trailer weasn't as easy to find without all that blaze orange laundry hanging on it.

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