The Last Bolt Is The Hardest

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I just know there's a rule, that when you're working on a old car, the easier the nuts and bolts come apart, the harder it will be to separate the last nut and bolt.

Yesterday proved it. I was taking a seat out of a car and everything was going smoothly. All of the 50-year-old nuts and bolts were turning and I didn't even need to use WD-40 or PB Blaster to help work any of them apart.

There was only one simple nut and bolt to remove to get the seat out, but the head of that bolt was under the seat track. And the seat track would not slide back far enough to get a wrench on the head of the bolt.

Bottom line: A job that looked like I could squeeze it in during the hour before lunch turned into a several-hours-long marathon. And, naturally, I missed lunch and took "heat" for that. And I was pretty sore by the time the job was over.

By taking it easy, thinking things out and not getting out the hacksaw or cutter, I was able to get things apart and preserve all the original pieces. But I learned, once again, that the last step in an easy job is guaranteed to turn it into a hard job. 


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