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The Little Old Car From Pasadena

Earlier this year I predicted that small cars would be a trend in the old car hobby as gas prices climb. I noticed a bunch of small cars at the Atlantic City Classic Car Auction that were getting heavy attention. They included a Fiat 600, a Renault 10, a Morris Minor Traveler, a pair of Volkswagen Things and an MG TC.

The next week I was at the World of Wheels Show in Green Bay, Wis., and noticed an even smaller car -- a Vespa -- on display. It was an unusual sight in amongst the hot rods and racing cars that are typically seen at such events.

The conventional wisdom is that we will see $4 per gallon gasoline soon. Unless I miss my guess, that's going to bring more tiny vintage cars out of the woodwork. As they start to catch on, expect to see their prices rising (but not going wild)..

Some folks I have talked to say it doesn't work this way. They think gas prices don't affect "real" collectors that much. I've been told, "Collectors are going to trailer their cars to shows, so fuel economy won't matter." What do you think? I'm betting that many enthusiasts still prefer driving and I say they wil gravitate towards little old cars.l

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