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is the hobby getting more diverse? Years ago it used to be that collectors were Chevy guys or Ford men or MG gals, etc. But maybe things are changing. After grabbing a sandwich at the Davenport motorcycle show yesterday, I looked for a place to sit and saw Jeff Powell and his wife, from Chicago. Jeff owns several classic bikes, motorcycles and MGs (including a very nice Magnette sedan he's been trying to sell) and he and his wife introduced me to a friend who was restoring an MGA coupe. But Jeff started talking about a '49 Pontiac he had and then he got around to mentioning the STUDEBAKER in the basement. Now I had been to Jeff's home and took the tour of the collection, but I never knew he had a 1915 STUDEBAKER in the basement. I had seen the bicycles in the living room, and the cars and motorcycles in the garage--but not the STUDEBAKER. Jeff said he is going to be looking for parts for the car at Hershey, do all you vendors should be on alert to bring your '15 STUDEBAKER parts. After all, it's pretty hard to know what to pack in the truck with a hobby as diverse as this one.

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