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I always thought that I would open an "unrestoration shop" when I retired. If you think about it, the idea makes sense. There is a finite number of old cars in the world. So what happens after all the old cars are purchased and restored? Simple - there will be no cars left for collectors to buy and fix-up! They will have to come to my unrestoration shop to get a car that needs to be put back together. Why, I'll even sell the parts to some vendors I know, so the car owners can have the joy of "treasure hunting" for them, bargaining on the prices and finding ways to get the big ones back from swap meets.

Unrestoration would be a great retirement job. It's relatively easy to take things apart (especially if you're not the one who'll be putting it back together). You could work fast. And you don't really have to possess any special talents. There's no need to understand how something works if you're going to "unrestore" it. You simply take it apart.

I'm just really surprised that no one has thoiught of opening an "unrestoration" shop before me. There must be someone out there who's as crazy as I am.

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