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They're Only Original Once

Car collectors like to say "They're only original once." After seeing a gorgeous original 1938 Buick Special business coupe at the "Average Joe Car Show" last weekend, I have to agree. Original cars, even with just a few pimples and flaws, havea very high level of collector appeal. John Merrick, who owns this car, collects both wood boats and old cars. He's been at it for years. In his car collection he has a 1955 Cadillac, two 1961 Corvettes, a 1967 Corvette and a 1971 Corvette. By any yardstick, that's a nice assortment of cars, but the 62,000 miles Buick Special really is special because it's untouched, with no restoration at all. Sure, it has some paint crazing. Sure, it has replacement wide whitewall tires. But the paint, chrome, interior and just about everything else are virtually untouched. Cars like the Buick are "time capsules" to the past. They are only original once. And collectors who own them should be thanked for keeping them that way.

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