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I have been spending most of my time lately disassembling a 1957 MG ZB Magnette Varitone sedan. This car is going to need everything and when I think of the restoration costs it's frightening. Before I even start buying car parts, I am going to have to hire an electrician to put 220-amp service into my shop. Then, I need a bigger new air compressor. And I'm thinking of buying a body rotisserie. I'm also thinking of investing in a sandblaster and an Eastwood home powder-coating system. Then, I'll be ordering parts and machining. The interior alone will cost thousands. The engine will be up there, too. And then there's paint, window gaskets, an electrical harness, etc., etc., etc. Holy cow! I even have to learn woodworking so I can rebuild the wooden dashboard! If I stopped to think about all this, I might have myself committed. I mean, I have two unrestored T-Series MG roadsters. Financially, I'd be much better off restoring either them, instead of a sedan. But that darned Magnette is just so cute. I can't wait to drive it. Still, I don't know why I'm doing this. If you know, please tell me. Please!

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